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You are Microscopic

You are Microscopic - Edward Packard So, after all these years, I decided to re-read some of my 'Choose your own adventure books'. It made me feel nostalgic, because these books were my childhood. They made me the reader I'm now.
Yeah, it's not the same. I'm almost an adult now (well, more an adultoscent, I'm really not an adult no matter what my ID says), and that makes a big difference. Scenarios that seemed so cool when I was a child now look silly or unrealistic. However, keeping in mind that this IS a book for children, and freeing my mind of my adult-like expectations, this was a great book. Certainly one of my favorites when I was a child, and still enjoyable in my mid 20's.
The thing I loved the most when I first read this was the microscopic theme. I loved microscopic stuff (and having a mom with a degree in Chemistry, I knew about a couple of basics about atoms since I was like 5 or 6). I even remember going to my mom to ask her about quarks after reading them in the book.
Yeah, the whole "let's get children into this dangerous sphere we haven't even tried and without asking their parents" was totally unrealistic and there were scientifically questionable points, but, again, this was meant for children and gives what children want: adventures and not being treated as children. And it was pretty educative. Children will have time to learn scientifically accurate facts, but it's great if a book like this can get them interested and teach them about the microscopic world.
Another good point about this book was that the protagonist had both a male and a female friend and they were treated equally. That's good. And even if the main character in the illustrations was a boy, a girl (or even a non-binary child) would have no problem to fit in and become the protagonist. I guess it's a common trend in these books, but I can't be sure until I read a few more.

So, which final did I get first?
In which my friends and I kept on getting smaller and smaller until we were smaller than a quark and found a whole new universe inside the quark and ended up landing on Earth. I'm glad I got it because it used to be one of my favorites as a child.