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Cyberspace Warrior

Cyberspace Warrior - Edward Packard, June Brigman Reading this book again after all these years was a totally different experience. I remember I loved this one when I was younger. Nevertheless, my perception of this story certainly changed since those times. I guess it's my age. I couldn't enjoy it that much as I did in the past, but it was a good read. It's just that now, as a so-called adult, I went for the "it's just a game, after all" kind of choices. I didn't feel the emotion I used to feel, probably because I didn't feel the connection between the game and the character's "real world" as strong as I used to. So everything was "just a game", but I know it wasn't simply like that when I first read it. As a child, I was totally into the game.

So I think this is a good book and might remain as one of my favorites from this series, yet it suffered from two weaknesses:
1) Too many similar endings.
2) In most cases, one of two choices given would lead to an ending. Hence it felt like there was one correct path of choices and all the other were wrong.

In conclusion, this is one of those books you should read at a young age in order to fully enjoy it. And even if the pictures show a white boy, the writing is totally relatable for children of any gender or race.