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City of Glass

City of Glass  - Cassandra Clare I found the first chapters a bit boring. Clary and Jace's romantic drama was annoying, so I was glad every time the POV switched to Simon's. I like Simon. He's by far the character who has evolved the most. I guess he's become one of my favorite characters.
Alec shows some growth too. MY OTP IS OUT AND PROUD AND KISSED IN FRONT OF EVERYONE AND I HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS. Seriously, I love Alec and Magnus together. I'm starting to like Alec. And Magnus was as amazing as always. I totally loved when Clary was expecting Ragnor Fell and got Magnus instead. And then his conversation with Alec after the shadowhunter saved his lifeā™„.

Well, after that hilarious scene with Magnus and the stupid scene between Clary and the back then annoying and boring Sebastian (I didn't find him interesting at all at first, and it was too obvious that he was the bad guy in disguise, until I realized he was the real Jonathan and he became somewhat interesting), things improved a lot and it suddenly turned out to be a very good book. I liked the way most things solved. I had guessed from the beginning that Clary and Jace weren't really related, and it was confirmed in City of Ashes the moment Imogen died for Jace, but since I saw the family tree after reading said book and spoiled myself, I already knew he was a Herondale before reading City of Glass. Nevertheless, Clary STILL kissed her brother. Not that I care.

Oh, Max... Poor little thing. And poor Lightwoods. I wasn't expecting that. WHY IS THIS FICTIONAL LIFE SO UNFAIR?

Raphael's an asshole, I hate him. He's like a nazi vampire, wanting to exterminate the "unnatural" ones. Haven't you heard of Valentine?

And then, at he end... OMG THAT'S TESSA, MY TESSA!! I like her much better than Clary. Clary has her good moments, but I still don't like her entirely. It's like I barely like her, while I really like Tessa. Ok, I could say I like the characters in TID more than the ones from TMI in general. That's good, actually, because it shows improvement in Cassandra's character design and development.

P.S.: I don't know if I ship Simon and Isabelle or Simon and Maia. Help!