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Last Sacrifice

Last Sacrifice - Richelle Mead I loved this book for the plot, the investigation about the murder, the politics, the unexpected surprises like Jill and Tasha -it was obvious once Rose realized it after listening to Ian, but before that, I didn't see it coming!!- and Lissa's character development. However, the Rose-Dimitri-Adrian triangle was poorly written in comparison. I do like Rose and Dimitri together, but their relationship could have used better development. And both Rose and Adrian got things right during their last conversation. I felt so bad for Adrian, I really liked him. But I acknowledge that he wasn't perfect either. I didn't mind Rose cheating on Adrian (I mean, I didn't mind her making a mistake that would hurt a person she cares about because it could have been useful for the story), but I expected more guilt from Rose's part, or just more development. I like flawed characters yet I like the writing to make them look flawed, not to just redeem every simple mistake they make simply because they're so cool. Besides, I still think the whole "Dimitri doesn't want Rose anymore because he can't love and angst angst angst" was only meant to extend the drama and didn't work at all.
Speaking about Rose, I would have loved to see her taking active responsibility for the damage she did to her friends (like Eddie, Sydney and Jill). I know she felt guilty (and I'm so glad Adrian pointed the facts out, or Rose might have just stayed oblivious), but she should have done something about it. That's Rose-ish.

Nevertheless, aside from all the Rose-Dimitri-Adrian-related stuff, the other aspects of the book were great and made it deserve the 4th star.

P.S.: No offense, but after reading certain reviews... I get you don't like Rose and that's ok and makes a lot of sense and you have a lot of reasons not to like her, but some people should go choke on their internalized sexism and slut-shaming.