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Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights - Emily Brontë 3.5 stars

It was a very good book, I liked it, but I don't understand why so many people talk about it as if it were a love story - it's not. Yes, Catherine and Heathcliff might have been in love with each other, but this is clearly not a story about romance. It's about hate, revenge, social differences. Love did play a part, but it was as unhealthy as almost every relationship in the book. And I precisely liked that. The recipe for tragedy contained a series of unhealthy feelings and relationships, fed by a strict social hierarchy that might have been its actual trigger. Not a single character could be called likable (except maybe for the narrators, though I wasn't actually fond of Ellen at the beginning), yet I could connect with a couple of them. Edgar wasn't the nicest young man, but, as the chapters went on, he wasn't that bad after all, so I started off disliking him and ended up feeling very sorry for him and his loss. And flawed, uneducated Hareton did a lot of things wrong, yet in the end, I liked him. It's not still entirely clear to me to what extent he did try to defend Cathy (like he eventually stated)-I should re-read certain chapters to have a more solid opinion-, but his love for the spoiled, arrogant girl who treated him like trash felt innocent and made me like and pity him. Though I'm not sure if I should feel happy for him, or pity him even more in the end, because, yes, he was marrying the woman he had always loved, but I don't think she ever loved him - she just needed someone to love and admire her. Their relationship was just another unhealthful one. I guess I still like the finale, since it felt somewhat realistic (and not as forced as the earlier "romance" between Cathy and Linton).
I could keep writing about this story, but I find myself too lazy to put all the things I thought and analyzed while reading the book here.