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Angels & Demons

Angels & Demons  - Dan Brown It's such a shame to give this book just two stars (actually, 2.5 stars), because the story -or the idea behind it- is quite good. I really wanted to like it, mainly because I had seen the movie and enjoyed it. However, I couldn't get past several issues with the book that made me take a couple of stars away:
- I hated the writing. Seriously, that's probably my main complaint. Had this book been better written, I would probably have enjoyed it a lot more.
- Too many errors and inaccuracy for someone who claims the things and places in his book to be 'factual'. I wouldn't even care if the author hadn't claimed that, but if you say X is factual, you should investigate more about X in order to be accurate. And this goes for everything: history, art, physics, etc.
- I didn't like the way the characters were written (except, maybe, Vittoria - I think I liked her). Besides, most of the paragraphs trying to bring character backstory or inner thoughts didn't work at all - they felt out of place.
- Marty Stu and Mary Sue. And they get insta love. And this isn't even YA.
- The Hassassin: 100% cardboard.
- Vittoria's kidnap. How was this relevant to the plot? At least she got free by herself in the end. That was the only redeeming aspect of a totally unnecessary use of the damsel in distress trope.
- Don't get me started with the scene in the helicopter... I'm so glad they changed that in the movie script.

Just a curiosity: After reading the book, I really don't understand why so many (not-actually-smart) people accuse it of being "anti-Christian". In fact, if you ask me, it felt Christian-friendly for me. Maybe too much.