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City of Fallen Angels

City of Fallen Angels  - Cassandra Clare What I liked:
- Simon: great character and the most interesting storyline. I think he's actually my favorite character (along with Magnus). And his lines are hilarious.
- Isabelle: finally some development. I like her.
- Magnus: because he's Magnus.
- Magnus and Camille meeting again after all those years, and all the talks about events and characters from TID (and Brother Zacharias!)
- The incident involving Maureen.
- Simon's friends knowing he's a vampire.

What I didn't like:
- Clary and Jace and all the angst and cheap drama. Seriously, every time they appeared in a scene I was like "please, bring Simon back". I can't stand them anymore.
- Jace. He used to have a personality. Now he's 99% annoying teen angst.
- Certain sexist point made in the chat between Lilith and Jace.
- Biblical stuff got too... literal? Angels, the mark of Cain and stuff like that were cool, but making the myth of Adam, Eve and Lilith real in the universe of the book was too much. Specially when they kept repeating that "Lilith was the bad one because she didn't want to obey God and Adam". Yeah, that she didn't want to obey God might be bad, but Adam? WTF? I know the original myth says that, but a 21th century FEMALE writer should know better than keeping the original level of sexism when using a such an ancient myth in her story. Has she ever stopped to think what that stupid tale meant?
Angels? Cool. Demons being the bad guys because they're against God and God is good? Ok. God supporting Patriarchy? NOT COOL AT ALL.
- Alec and his lack of common sense. "OMG, you dated someone before me? HOW COULD YOU?!"

What I still don't know if I liked or not:
- Maia and Jordan. It's like some part of me understands Jordan and wants to forgive him, but the other part isn't comfortable with Maia being in a relationship with someone who had previously been abusive to her (even if it wasn't his fault). I have a moral dilemma, I guess.

I hope the next book in the series has more plot and less angst and romantic drama.