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City of Lost Souls

City of Lost Souls  - Cassandra Clare The book would have been much better if Cassandra had left Clary and Jace out of it. I'm tired of them. I forgive Jace for being so annoying because he was sort of possessed (actually, I liked him during his unpossessed interval), but I couldn't stand Clary anymore. Their relationship has become too twilightesque for me.

I wish these series had been "The Daylighter Chronicles" or something like that. Simon still has the best storyline, the best lines and the most down-to-earth relationship. I like how things are developing between Isabelle and him.

I still don't know how I feel about Maia and Jordan. I like them and I want them to be happy, though I can't help but feeling uncomfortable remembering what happened in the past - even if it wasn't truly Jordan's fault.

As much as I love Magnus and Alec together, I totally agree with Magnus' final decision. No matter how much he loves Alec, he shows sense and self-respect (another reason I love him). Other characters could learn a lot from him. Alec was a huge asshole, he deserved it. Seriously, how could he even consider shortening the life of the person he loves? That's more than selfish; it's abusive. He should have, at least, talked to Magnus about the possibility of the latter becoming mortal. But you can't force something like that into someone else. It's HIS life. I'm so pissed with Alec.
Magnus, on the other hand, was as amazing as always. And his lines are as hilarious as Simon's. They should have more dialogue between them. The really gay spider made my whole week.

The plot was good, though it could have done more development. I would have preferred more actual plot and less "romance" (or whatever you call it).I found half of the scenes of Clary with Jace and Sebastian unnecessary (and annoying, like Clary herself). However, I think I wouldn't have cared about this book if it wasn't for team angel-summoners. They had all the fun.